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CPR Saves is an information webpage created by Mrinali Kesavadas. The goal of this webpage is to provide high school and college students information about the importance of learning CPR. Today, less than 40% of people in US know the basics of CPR and only 10% of the cardiac arrest patients survive. If more bystanders or family members know CPR, the survival rate for cardiac patents can increase dramatically. CPR Saves webpage provides many resources for not only learning how to perform CPR but also provides complete blue print for building a high quality CPR simulator with only rudimentary knowledge about programing and technology. We invite students and citizens to get engaged in learning more about CPR. Please spread the word about CPR Saves.  

Mrinali Kesavadas

Creator and Evangelist


Mrinali is a high school student in Mahomet, IL. In her spare time she loves to tinker with technology. She has been spreading the word about CPR since 2015 and has also invented Ives - a low cost CPR simulator which earned her a  10 finalist position in the 3M Discovery Young Scientist competition in 2016.

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